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Spiritual Formation

Commitment to Spiritual Development

Crossroads College is dedicated to helping develop students toward maturity in Jesus Christ and His service.  It is our desire to be relevant and Biblical in our approach to ministering to college-age students.  Spiritual Formation Groups, devotions, prayer, and chapel provide weekly opportunities for spiritual growth.  Other major events include: a Missions Emphasis Week; Spiritual Emphasis Week; the Agape Banquet, Ministry Week, Mission Trips, special seminars and other on-campus programs.

It is Crossroads' conviction that nothing, be it natural ability, intellectual achievement, or any other highly prized attribute, can take the place of personal dedication to Christ.

Spiritual Formation Groups

A priority of the college is to offer opportunities for spiritual development as part of the total college educational experience. Once each week during the academic year, students gather on campus for a Bible study, accountability, prayer and fellowship.  Spiritual Formation Groups are designed to be Biblical, relevant, and engaging.  Resident Assistants and other upper-class students typically lead these times. All full-time students and all students living on campus are required to participate.

Campus Ministry

Crossroads College is committed to enabling students to develop a closer relationship with Christ. The campus ministry program assists by:

  • discerning students' needs
  • offering a support system that provides life guidance
  • helping students to cultivate a Christ-like maturity that prepares them for life and ministry

Crossroads' campus ministry exists to offer support and encouragement to students during moments of difficulty and joy during theri spiritual development.

Field Service

The college considers a student's education to be incomplete apart from verifiable service to Christ. The faculty and staff believe that education for Christian service must include a practical program of expression for every student. No purely theoretical curriculum can bring anyone to a full realization of what the promises of God can become in the lives of people.  To help students put their God-given gifts into action, Crossroads College provides ministry opportunities in four main areas:

  1. church ministries
  2. community ministries
  3. cross-cultural missions
  4. outreach teams

All full-time and/or degree-seeking students are required to complete the Field Service requirements according to the following schedule:

  • Two-Year degree seeking student: 3 semesters of Field Service
  • Four-Year degree seeking student: 6 semesters of Field Service

There is a minimum requirement of two hours of service each week for at least 14 weeks to qualify as one semester of Field Service. Along with the required hours, the Field Service on-site supervisor must give a satisfactory evaluation and all the required documentation deadlines must be met. The final decision is with the Field Service Director. Prior experience or work does not qualify for Field Service.


Since worldwide missions is inherent in Christian commitment, Crossroads College maintains a missions emphasis for all students throughout the year. Beyond the Intercultural Studies program the college provides a range of missions-related activities.

Every fall, a week is designated as "Missions Emphasis Week." This week allows concentration on the task of worldwide evangelism through guest speakers who have made significant contributions to missions. (Students are dismissed early from classes that week so that they may attend Envision, the National Missionary Convention.)

Crossroads College has undertaken to provide opportunities for students to participate in short-term mission trips. At least one such opportunity is offered each year. These opportunities open eyes and doors to mission fields and to world needs.

Throughout the year, the Ambassadors, as student missions interest group, meets and sponsors various events. The Ambassadors seek to learn of mission needs as well as to promote missions interest on campus.


Chapel is currently held once a week throughout the academic year.  As one of our only times to gather as a community, chapels are designed to provide a means of corporate worship, teaching and fellowship.  Chapel is required of all full-time students and those students living on campus.

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