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World Missions

At the Inter-Cultural Studies (Missions) department here at the Crossroads College we are always remembered that "It is not about me; it is about God," and "If not me, who? And if not now, when?"  We see the great need of the world we live today and train young people to go forward and proclaim the Good News of the Gospel to all nations, tribes, and nations of this world.

God is the source and the beginning of mission. Our mission derives from God Himself being on mission. That is why we are far more interested in what God Himself has set out to accomplish than we are focused on what we may have been assigned to do. If there really is a missio Dei (mission of God), initiated and accomplished by a personal God, then anyone who enters mission must do so as God would allow and invite.

God relentlessly presses onward through history toward the fulfillment of His purposes. He orders His words and deeds with wisdom according to His purposes. His purposes are not furthered with rigid, mechanical constancy. Instead, He acts with intelligence, emotion and will, with relational faithfulness throughout history.

The Fulfillment of Our Mission

Mission is personal and relational. God authorizes and invites people to join Him in mission. And it isn't just any people. This is a chosen people. We Christians are "a people for all peoples." God delights in giving His people the dignity and intimacy of walking with Him in the doing of the task. But when they fail to obey Him, God still works in the events of the disobedience of His people, therefore working by them. We are mandated to complete the task, and yet we can be sure that He is with us in it. The relationship of co-working with God is a marvelous privilege throughout history, but this relationship finds its highest expression as people are joined with the risen Christ by the power of His Spirit. Joined with Jesus, mission-obedient people share in His sufferings, His joy and His glory.

The Extent of God's Mission

By "the mission task" we are speaking of what Christians have been clearly mandated to accomplish. One way to state the task is to see that the gospel is proclaimed so that every people group will experience a breakthrough of the gospel and many will follow and honor Christ within each group. This is a task that can be completed. This is a task that will be completed. Completing the entire task is the strategic reference point that this Missions Department is stilling in every student's mind and heart.  The students are constantly called to evaluate their lives in the light of our divine call to the nations and peoples of this world.

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