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Field Service

The college considers a student's education to be incomplete apart from verifiable service to Christ. The faculty and staff believe that education for Christian service must include a practical program of expression for every student. No purely theoretical curriculum can bring anyone to a full realization of what the promises of God can become in the lives of people. To help students put their God-given gifts into action, Crossroads College provides ministry opportunities in four main areas:

  1. church ministries
  2. community ministries
  3. cross-cultural missions
  4. outreach teams

All full-time and/or degree-seeking students are required to complete the Field Service requirements according to the following schedule:

  • Two-Year degree seeking student: 3 semesters of Field Service
  • Four-Year degree seeking student: 6 semesters of Field Service

There is a minimum requirement of two hours of service each week for at least 14 weeks to qualify as one semester of Field Service. Along with the required hours, the Field Service on-site supervisor must give a satisfactory evaluation and all the required documentation deadlines must be met. The final decision is with the Field Service Director. Prior experience or work does not qualify for Field Service.

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