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Important News Bulletin!

Joint Statement on Partnership Opportunity

Crossroads College, Nebraska Christian College, Hope International University

Crossroads College in Rochester, MN, Nebraska Christian College in Omaha, NE, and Hope International University in Fullerton, CA, announce they have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding to explore future partnership opportunities.  The decision comes after several months of preliminary discussions with the details of future agreements subject to the approval of the board of trustees of each school, accrediting associations, and state/federal agencies.

The current environment in higher education presents unprecedented challenges for colleges and universities in the United States.  This is particularly the case for smaller schools with specialized programs.  It is important that today’s leaders look to the future and consider ways to collaborate with other educational institutions to maximize limited resources, and CC, NC, and HIU are excited to be part of finding solutions to these challenges.

The three schools share a common heritage in the Restoration Movement and mission of preparing effective leaders for growing churches and are committed to maintaining that emphasis.  The intent of this effort is to build on the unique strengths of each institution and to enhance the educational experience for students in their respective geographic regions.  Such partnerships are possible because of advancements in technology that facilitate the exchange of information and expand learning opportunities.  Good stewardship requires efficient use of resources to position Christian colleges and universities for future growth and sustainability.

The boards and leaders of all three schools are approaching this period of due diligence with open minds and hearts, seeking God’s direction.  In the coming months, the campus communities of the three schools will be engaged in a comprehensive assessment of the potential partnership.


                                                            Mr. Mike Kilgallin, President    

                                                            Crossroads College


                                                            Mr. Tony Clark, Interim President                     

                                                            Nebraska Christian College               


                                                            Dr. John Derry, President

                                                            Hope International University




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