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Press Release

(Rochester, Minn. –  Updated August 23, 2016) Crossroads College in Rochester, Minnesota, will  not be offering traditional academic classes in the 2016 fall semester. The college has  established agreements with other Christian colleges and universities that will welcome  Crossroads students and transfer all of the credits they have earned. The college will  assist students with the transition. 

Leaders of Crossroads College will continue to explore new education models to fulfill  the mission to provide Christian higher education in the Rochester community in light of  new technologies and shifting demographics. 

Crossroads College was established in Minneapolis in 1913 as the International Christian  Bible College. In 1971 it moved to its current location in Rochester. In 2002 it was  renamed Crossroads College.

Why is this taking place now?

Although the Crossroads team has worked with great vigilance in attracting students to the college, enrollment has declined to the point where classes, chapel, and campus life events lack critical mass for optimal education and college experiences. In addition, revenues are not able to keep pace with all of the expenses mandated to do collegiate business. Debt service, staffing and administrative needs are the most significant expense in running the college and we simply cannot support these expenses with the projected revenues.

The reasons this has come about so quickly is that a number of students recently decided to not attend this fall.  Once the low enrollment was known, the administration realized that Crossroads College was not viable for the fall semester of 2016.

Will all of students be accommodated?

Yes. Hope International University (HIU), Manhattan Christian College, and Lincoln Christian University have all agreed to accept our students at no additional cost to the student. In addition, each college and university has graciously agreed to incorporate our students into their academic programs without losing any credits. Because these schools are regionally accredited, an additional benefit will be that our current students will receive a regionally accredited degree upon graduation.

What will happen with the employees of Crossroads College?

A few employees will remain for various business necessities and to continue the vision of transitioning our campus into the Rochester Christian University Center (RCUC).  We will need personnel to oversee housing, maintenance, fundraising, and to attract new education partners to Rochester.

The employees of Crossroads College are outstanding, dedicated workers and are a genuine asset. Crossroads will make every effort to secure new employment for those whom the college cannot retain. This will include making contacts with potential employers and providing recommendations to them.

What lies ahead?

Educational partners are being invited to utilize our housing and space for their ministry needs and to offer programs at RCUC. The center would include a residential Christian college, facilities for other Christian colleges and universities that want a physical presence in Rochester, as well as housing Christian students enrolled in non-residential colleges in the area.

What will happen to the campus at 920 Mayowood Rd.?

Any future use of the campus must receive permission from our current bondholder.  Personnel will maintain the campus and oversee housing, conduct fundraising and attract new education partners to establish the RCUC.

What is happening regarding the Hope International University merger?

Planning was still in process to complete a full partnership with HIU. Although plans did not include a transition this fall, unfolding events necessitated an immediate partnership with HIU. All current students will have the opportunity to transfer to one of HIU’s campuses (Fullerton, CA or Papillion, NE) and will become HIU students without losing credits earned at Crossroads College or incur additional tuition expense. If students choose to transfer elsewhere, similar arrangements are available with Manhattan Christian College and Lincoln Christian University.

We are negotiating with HIU to continue adult degree completion as an online program.  Although there may be some adjustments, students will be able to complete their education without need to relocate.

How will the college pay outstanding debts such as the mortgage, personal loans, and accounts payable?

The campus remains revenue producing through housing, office, and classroom rental with possible  revenue through educational partnerships.  In addition, the Crossroads ministry will continue to raise ministry funds through June of 2018 to help with expenses. With the cost savings of outsourcing education, we will be able to divert revenues toward debt service and other outstanding accounts.

How will these changes impact congregations in our region?

Leadership ministry preparation is the core of the Crossroads College ministry. As congregations have leadership needs, the college has always stepped forward to provide those leaders. We will remain active in recruiting potential leaders in our region to attend partner schools while also making plans to offer education in Rochester in the near future.

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