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Crossroads College Compass Adult Studies Program

Degree Completion. Personal Enrichment. Continued Education. 

Unsure about going back to school? 

Apply now through September 1st and your first Class is FREE!*

*The free class is only for student who have not taken a Crossroads class in the past 12 months and does not cover the student fee or cost of books

Here is what actual students from our Adult Studies programs have to say about the program.                                                                                                                                   

MICHELLE said, “I am a financial adviser and business owner, but with my clients, it is more about emotion than about money.”  We said, “We can get you ready for that.”  We did, and she graduated from the Counseling program, using her learned skills, and loving it.

PAUL said, “I am a retired executive, feeling led to go to central China and start a Christian school, but I have no experience with the Bible or ministry.”  We said, “We can get you ready for that.”  We did, and Paul and his wife are one year into the ministry, still taking classes online from China, and loving it.

SUSAN said, “I am a pastor’s wife, always involved in ministry but feeling unprepared as I serve.”  We said, “We can help you get ready for that.”  We did, and she completed a Bible Certificate and now more confidently serving in local church ministry, and loving it.

STAN said, “I am a manager and need a better understanding of business.”  We said, “We can get you ready for that.”  We did, completing his bachelor degree in Business in Compass and completed an MBA online, now a supervisor of his entire department, and loving it.

TONY said, “I am a spokesperson for a local company, constantly in the public media, and want to learn how to write better.”  We said, “We can get you ready for that.”  We did, he took classes in Communications and Business, continues in his position, and loving it.



There are many good institutions and programs available, but what is unique about the Compass Adult Studies program here at Crossroads College:

  • We pay attention to get you ready for what you do best, so you too can say, “I love this!”
  • You know us, we know you – smaller classes, flexible schedules, experts in class and behind the scenes.
  • 100 plus years of experience; yes, that kind of track record matters in the quality and scope of learning.
  • Solid commitment to character-based and Christian worldview in all areas of life and learning.

So, if you are feeling the “next” part of life coming on - the next level, the next season, the next change of your learning and experience…  We know what you want: you are “here”, you want to be “there” - we can get you ready for that Starting today. 

What does the class schedules look like?

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The Adult Studies program, as part of Crossroads College, serves Christ and His Church through academic excellence in a Christ-centered education by developing Christian leaders who impact the world for Christ and by providing resources that strengthen churches and enrich the community.


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