Will My Crossroads Credits Transfer?

Frequently, questions fielded by the Admissions and Academic Offices of Crossroads College relate to recognition of Crossroads College by other institutions. Students want to know, “Will my credits transfer elsewhere?” or “Can I get into graduate school with a Crossroads degree?”
Since each institution sets its own policies regarding acceptance or transfer of credit, it is difficult for us to answer this question for another institution. We encourage students to be in contact early with other institutions where they are considering seeking admittance. Students should be prepared to state their case clearly and accurately, and to realize the process may take some persistence on their part. They should not be afraid to appeal to a higher-level administrator. The Crossroads College academic office is more than willing to provide information about Crossroads, including syllabi for any classes.
One of the issues that often enters this conversation is accreditation. Accreditation is a peer review process whereby colleges examine one another to determine the quality of their operations and their likelihood of continuing operation. While Crossroads College is accredited (and has been for over fifty years), there are various types of accreditation. The most common form of accreditation is regional accreditation, held by most state universities and larger private colleges. Crossroads does not hold regional accreditation. However, Crossroads College holds accreditation with the Commission on Accreditation of the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE), a national accreditor. The schools in this association are bound, not by a geographic region, but by a common purpose. All of the over 100 schools in the association are Bible Colleges. The process of and standards for accreditation are very similar to the regional accreditors. All accreditors are regulated and approved by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). The whole issue of accreditation is presently in flux, and the federal government is putting pressure on institutions to accept transfer credits without regard to the type of accreditation, but has stopped short of mandating such transfer. Some regionally accredited schools have the policy of accepting credits or students only from other regionally accredited schools, making it difficult for Crossroads College students to transfer credits to those institutions. However, our experience tells us that many other institutions of higher learning are willing to accept credits from Crossroads. 
Sometimes, difficulties in transfer or admission to certain programs come about because requirements are very different from one major to another. Crossroads has attempted to align our curricular topics in General Education with the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum in an effort to expedite transfer. However students may still need to make up deficiencies or fulfill prerequisites for certain program.
Transfer of credit is not an exact science. From school to school and from evaluator to evaluator, the outcome will be different for the same courses. Generally, anytime a student transfers from one school to another, some courses will not transfer, or will count only as general electives.
For a list of institutions with which we have cooperative agreements, visit our Cooperative Programs page.


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