Winona State University (Winona, MN)

Statement of Purpose
This agreement has been entered into by Crossroads College and Winona State University. The purpose of
this agreement is to facilitate credit transfer and recognition of degrees awarded by Crossroads College.
Terms and Conditions of Undergraduate Credit Transfer:
The evaluation and transfer of earned college credits shall be in full compliance with MnSCU policies and
all other state and Federal education policies pertaining to undergraduate credit transfer. Under those
parameters, Winona State University agrees to accept all non-remedial Crossroads College courses in
transfer upon admission of the student to the University,
Evaluation of courses in transfer will be made according to the Crossroads College equivalency catalog
maintained by Winona State University. Equivalent courses will have the same learning outcomes as their
Winona State University counterparts. Courses in transfer without Winona State University course
equivalents will be accepted as elective credits.
Terms and Conditions of Recognition of Baccalaureate Degree:
Winona State University recognizes Crossroads College's commitment to adhering to the MnTC learning
outcomes and will recognize Crossroads College baccalaureate degrees in totality as meeting those goals,
As such, Winona State University will no longer require a second baccalaureate degree from WSU for
students seeking enrollment in poslbaccalaureate programs, including Graduate Special and Graduate
Student status, All other qualifications for admission to graduate programs will remain the discretion of the
department offering the graduate program.
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