Teens for Christ Institute for Teen Evangelism (Hudson, WI)


Crossroads College agrees to admit students of Teens for Christ Institute for Teen Evangelism who, at the time of their application, meet Crossroads College' admission requirements, and will accept transfer of credit from the Institute for Teen Evangelism according to our policy for credit by transfer as defined by Crossroads' current catalog. Primarily, transfer of credit requires grades of "C" or higher, and will be accepted as best applicable based on students declared program of study. Specific application of courses "in lieu of" may vary, depending on Crossroads' academic program.

Changes in the curriculum or course content, as listed in the catalogs of both Teens for Christ Institute and Crossroads College, may require reevaluation of transferability and application of credits for transfer. In some instances, transfer hours will need to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, depending on the courses and the student's degree needs. The limit of credits transferable may vary according to the student's slected degree program. The following courses offered by Teens for Christ Institute for Teen Evangelism will be accepted by Crossroads College:

TFC Institute for Teen Evangelism
Crossroads College
Bible/Theology Elective or Social Sciences Electives (3sh)
Bible Study Methods
If both classes are completed, Crossroads will apply in lieu of BTH3000 Hermeneutics (3sh) and BTH Electives (3sh)
Inductive Bible Study
Biblical Counseling
Social Sciences Electives (3sh)
Christian Evidences
HUM3000 Philosophical Foundations or HUM Electives (3sh)
Social Sciences Electives (3sh)
Principles of Worship
BTH3300 Theology/Practice of Worship or BTH Electives (3sh)
Survey of Bible Doctrine
BTH2400 Introduction to Christian Doctrine (3sh)
Survey of New Testament Literature
BTH1000 NT Literature I: Gospels or BTH Electives (3sh)
Survey of Old Testament Literature
BTH1201 OT History or BTH Electives (3sh)
Youth Ministry Tactics 1
MIN3500/3510/3540 Person/Work Course (3sh)
Youth Ministry Tactics 2
Biblical Synthesis
BTH Electives (3sh)







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