Nicolet Bible Institute (White Lake, WI)

Crossroads College (CC) agrees to admit students of Nicolet Bible Institute (NBI) according to Crossroads' policy for admission of transfer students (see catalog). In addition, CC will accept credits earned at NBI according to our policy for credit by transfer.

The following courses required by NBI will be accepted in lieu of the stated CC courses:

Nicolet Bible Institute
Crossroads College
BI 101 Old Testament Survey (3)
BTH 1201 OT History or BTH 2000 OT Poetic & Prophetic Lit (3sh)
BI 102 New Testament Survey (3)
BTH 1000 NT Lit I: The Four Gospels or BTH 1250 NT Lit II: Acts, Epist. & Rev. (3sh)
BI 103 Bible Study Methods (3)
BTH 3000 Hermeneutics (3sh)
FS 101 Freshman Seminar (1)
COM 1200 Freshaman Seminar (1sh)
TH 106 Practical Apologetics (2)
BTH Elective (2sh)
TH 201 Christian Theology (3)
BTH 2400 Intro to Christian Doctrine (3sh)
TH 211 Theology of Missions (3)
MIN 1500 Ministry & Evangelism (3sh)
PH 241 Christian Life & Ethics
HUM 2700 Ethics in the Modern World (3sh)
PE 107 First Aid/CPR/AED (1)
PER Elective (1)
CE 105 Summer Ministry Internship & CE108/109 Practical Ministry
Three semesters worth of Field Service
Students who successfully complete the diplomas from NBI need to complete approximately 42 additional credits from CC in order to receive the Associate of Arts degree.
Changes in curriculum or course content by either NBI or CC as specified in the current college catalogs may require the reevaluation of this agreement and may result in changes in the transfer or application of credits. 


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