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Jerusalem University College (Jerusalem, Israel)

Crossroads College has entered into an Associated School relationship with Jerusalem University College (JUC), an evangelical Protestant Christian university level institution established in 1957 and located in Jerusalem, Israel. JUC is dedicated to the study of the geography, culture, history, languages and archaeology of biblical lands as they relate to biblical interpretation and a better understanding of the Middle East. The university offers to its international student body (1) long- and short-term programs, including the Master of Arts Degree in several disciplines; (2) graduate and undergraduate semester abroad; and (3) short-term academic study tours through the Institute of Holy Land Studies (IHLS), the lifelong learning division of JUC.

As an Associated School, JUC serves as an extension campus of Crossroads College. Crossroads students who study at the university are able to transfer academic credits to Crossroads by prior arrangement. Furthermore, students from Crossroads who apply for study in Jerusalem will enjoy priority status when applications are evaluated. Certain JUC courses may be used to fulfill degree requirements at Crossroads. For more information, contact the Academic Office or visit the JUC website,

Crossroads College has scholarship funds available for students wishing to study at JUC.  For scholarship information, please contact the Office of Financial Aid.

Course Descriptions

JUC Program A1: Geographical & Historical Settings of the Bible (4)
This program is an intensive three-week academic study integrated with field trips designed to introduce the student to the geography, history, and archaeology of Israel. Regional studies with overnight field trips, on-site lectures, preparatory lectures at the campus, and required map work prior to arrival help students apply the geographical context of the land to biblical studies. Crossroads will accept Program A1 as a BTH elective. 
Offered: January, May, and June. Jerusalem

JUC Program B1: Jesus & His Times (2)
This two-week course investigates the geographical, historical, archaeological, and cultural setting of Israel in New Testament times. During the first week of the course, lectures covering the historical and cultural background of the period under study are given, along with several walking tours of Jerusalem. The second week examines the historical geography of the Galilee, with particular emphasis on the first century A.D. This week includes five days of field touring, site visitation, and hiking with overnight accommodations on the east side of the Sea of Galilee at Kibbutz Ein Gev. Crossroads will accept Program B1 as a BTH elective.  Offered: July. Jerusalem

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